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Why are people confusing Tom Hanks and Bill Murray?


Image copyright Reasons My Son Is Crying Tom Hanks or Bill Murray? Bill Hanks, Tom Murray? Bill? Tom? Tom/Bill? It’s a question that the internet has been wrestling with for days. The truth is we’ve probably known the correct answer since 2013, when it was originally posted on the Reasons ...

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Dismantling the Jungle


Image copyright Getty Images Image caption By the evening the camp was alight with bonfires, as migrants threw out some of their belongings Rue des Garennes in Calais, on the morning of the 24 October, is a street packed with more than 1,000 migrants, destined for various unknown French towns. ...

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Motorcyclist ‘pulled wheelie before hitting pensioner’


Image copyright Google Image caption The victim had been shopping at Sainsbury’s near Mutton Lane when he was struck A speeding motorcyclist pulled a wheelie moments before hitting and killing a pensioner, a court has heard. Luke Stella, 25, is accused of killing Francis Abbot, 71, who was walking home ...

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