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It’s all gravy?

Image caption Hungry yet? They have been around for hundreds of years but now Yorkshire puddings have found themselves thrust into the culinary spotlight. This week a BBC video about a Yorkshire pudding wrap was viewed more than 13 million times online, making the dish and how to eat it ...

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‘Living in the dark’

Image caption Maria and Kim say they were paid nothing for their work One woman clutches a tissue. Then, a simple question: “What happened to you?” That’s when the tears come. “My employer is not good for me…” Maria has barely got her first words out when the emotion overwhelms ...

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Outrage or relief?

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Uber said TfL ‘caved in to a small number who want to restrict consumer choice’ Transport for London (TfL) has said it will not renew the lift-hailing app firm Uber’s licence. The decision has provoked a very mixed reaction on social media. Unsurprisingly, the hashtag ...

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