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Rousseff set to lose impeachment vote

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Ms Rousseff accuses her opponents of mounting a “coup”

Brazil’s governing Workers’ Party has admitted defeat in a lower house impeachment vote against President Dilma Rousseff.

Votes are still being cast but the party says her opponents will win the two-thirds majority they need to send the case against her to the Senate.

“The fight continues now in the Senate,” Jose Guimaraes, the party parliamentary leader, said.

Ms Rousseff is accused of manipulating government accounts. She denies this.

The pro-impeachment camp needs a two-thirds majority – or 342 votes – for the motion to succeed.

It currently has 330 votes.

Impeachment vote: Live updates

The lengthy session in the capital Brasilia has heard speeches from both sides.

Some 25,000 rival protesters are rallying outside Congress.

If the motion succeeds, the upper chamber is then expected to suspend Ms Rousseff for six months, while it carries out a formal trial.

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